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I am honored to share my thoughts on Chinese medicine and life.  Here, I intend to communicate the subtleties of the medicine as revealed in the classical texts such as the Nanjing (Classic of Difficulties), Nei Jing Su Wen (Simple Questions), and Shang Han Lun (Treatise on Cold Damage).  These Han dynasty texts provide the matrix on which Chinese medical thought is based.

Chinese medicine is a dynamic form of medicine, rooted in an understanding of solar, lunar and seasonal cycles – a medicine of time and space.  Successful Chinese medical treatment that leads to vitality and a robust and strong homeodynamic state. It’s practice aims at the synchronization of human biorhythms and circadian rhythms with cosmic and natural cycles. These cycles are revealed in each season, day, year, ebb and flow of the sun and the moon, in oceans tides, ebb and flow of rivers, streams and glaciers. These and countless other natural phenomena were observed by Chinese thinkers and were incorporated into the philosophical foundations of Chinese civilization.

This is the code on which Chinese medicine is built.  We understand it as 應 ying (resonance), yin and yang, five phases, twelve primary channels of acupuncture and moxabustion, five yin viscera and six bowels, and many other principles.  It takes time and practice, observation and patience, to come to know and embody this ‘virtual world’. These virtues are necessary if we are to gain an “understanding” of the medicine, or even more so learn to live in accordance with the code and rhythms of nature.

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