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Updates on Classes

May 2015

Z’ev recently finished up a four part series at his office in San Diego, covering the core principles of the Nan Jing/Difficult Classic, from beginning to end, chapters 1 through 81.  It was a wonderful class, with all participants asking important questions about their practices, patients, and practicing classical Chinese medicine in the 21st century.  What was magical about this Han Dynasty classic was its ability to raise issues about how we view the human being, theoretical foundations (including five phase theory, eight extraordinary vessels, defense and construction qi, movement of qi and blood through the channels, and especially pulse diagnosis), and then apply this material in real-time to present reality.

Z’ev will continue teaching on a monthly basis beginning in early September, with a new series focusing on special topics from the Su Wen, beginning with autoimmune disease, and continuing with pain treatment, pulse diagnosis, ecological medicine, and several other topics.  Stay tuned…

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