Spring CEU class schedule released!

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Spring CEU class schedule released!

Z’ev Rosenberg, L Ac. and ALEMBIC INSTITUTE is pleased to announce a new WINTER/SPRING 2016 CLASS SERIES in SAN DIEGO, CA.:


Class I/Sunday, February 28th, 10 AM- 6 PM

Morning: 六經Liu jing/Six channel-stage progressions of exterior evils

Afternoon: pulse patterns of six channel disorders and combination channel disorders 

Class II/Sunday, March 20th, 10 AM-6 PM

Morning: Nan Jing and Su Wen explanations of autoimmune disorders and their development

Afternoon: Understanding long-term illnesses, their roots, branches, and treatment strategies using season, environmental issues, pulse, tongue, acupuncture and herbal treatments.  Dispersion thirst, taxation, impediment, wei zheng/wilting, and other conditions.

Class III/Sunday, April 24th, 10 AM-6 PM

Managing 營衛ying/wei (construction/defense), 相火xiang huo/ministerial fire, and 氣化qi transformation in autoimmune disease. Diagnosis and treatment strategies

Class IV/Sunday, May 22nd, 10 AM – 6 PM

Unique cases, live patients, pulse demonstrations and favorite prescriptions, case management, and followup

Location: Z’ev Rosenberg’s office, 6718 Fisk Ave., San Diego, Ca. 92122

Cost: $175.00 per class, 600.00 for entire series

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