I have a few announcements. My first book, “Return to the Source: Han Dynasty Medical Classics in Clinical Practice” is finished, and will be in the hands of the publisher this week (Singing Dragon), and the publication date is set for March 21, 2018. My editor, Daniel Schrier, D.O.M., has done an awesome job…we are an amazing team! Now that this is done, I am going back to work on the followup book, “Healing the Broken Vessel” on yang sheng/nourishing life practices, again with Daniel editing, followed by a pulse diagnosis handbook. As well as teaching in doctorate programs at the Academy of Chinese Health Sciences and Five Branches (Chinese medical classics) this autumn, this classes will continue in 2018, G-d willing. In addition, I will be teaching pulse seminars in Missoula, Montana for Michael Peluso’s study group, and at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, New York in May 2018. Finally, the Taos herb/classical studies retreat in August, 2018 with Sabine Wilms is also on track….some exciting times ahead!