Hello everyone,
I am working on a new book and teaching project with my colleague Dr. Stephen Cowan, entitled “A Ring Without End” on channel theory and mapping the body/mind in Chinese medicine. We will be doing a short seminar on December 3rd through Lorne Brown’s Healthy Seminars, and again in the Spring at PCHS NY. I just finished recording a ‘legacy interview’ for Michael Max at Qiological that will be released in mid November, and taught at an online Classical Chinese Medicine seminar for TCM Academy with Elisabeth Rochat, Ed Neal, Yair Maimon and Deborah Wolff. I will be signing copies of my latest book, “Afterglow: Ministerial Fire and Ecological Chinese Medicine” at the Far East Summit booth at the Pacific Symposium on the weekend of November 1st. So exciting things ahead!

Z’ev Rosenberg