For Chinese medicine colleagues in the New York area, open to general public: I’ll be giving a one-time lecture at ​​BAE ACUPUNCTURE, 190 N.10th Street Suite 204 Brooklyn, NY 11211.
Monday, March 20, 630-830pm.
$20 preregistration by Mar.1
$25 at the door.
This class is open to the public, but also suited for ciinicians and those involved in the mindbody (tai chi, yoga) and healing arts.

Deconstructing Chinese Medicine: Ling Shu Ch.8 (本神ben shen) Foundation in Spirit
with Z’ev Rosenberg L. Ac.
The frequently quoted chapter 8 of the Ling Shu, opens with the statement “every needling method first must be rooted in 神shen” (Fan ci zhi fa, xian bi ben yu shen 凡刺之法先必本于神). This chapter of the Ling Shu, which covers the five yin viscera and their associated ‘spirits’, is much debated, not least of which for the question of what is the 神shen?
From this starting point, Z’ev Rosenberg will cover the fundamental principles of Chinese medicine revealed in the Ling Shu, and will lead an open-ended presentation and discussion designed to deconstruct our modern bias on what Chinese medicine ‘is’, and open possibilities to a dynamic, interactive application of this venerable medicine. This presentation will challenge our knowledge base by focusing on the relationship between physical health and emotional/psychological health as discussed in this essential chapter. LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU THERE!